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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

O LORD....Almighty Allah...

O Lord

(The Inner Voice of a Servant of God)

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

O Lord, The most Loving and Caring and the most Forgiving, please forgive us for all our wrong doings because of our ignorance and because we always follow our nafsu, our desire and emotions.

O Lord, the creator of mankind and everything in this world, we aware that we are just servant of you, you are our creator and we aware that what we have in this world, our house, our car, our husband, our children are yours, you infect the owner of everything that we posses and forgive us our Lord, because for all this while we thought that those are ours, we thought that our husband is ours, our wife is ours, our house is ours, our children is ours. Infect O Lord, they are not ours, they are yours, we have no control on them, you have the full control O Lord. We aware that you Lord can take away all that we have anytime from us because O Lord, You are the owner of everything.

O Lord, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, we are not created to be selfish, to think about our own self and our family only, but the purpose of our creation is for us to be your servant and to do good to everyone in this world.

O Lord, the most Forgiving, forgive us for forgetting you most of the time, we forget that you are very close to us, closer than our own body, we are reading ‘Iyyakana’ budu wa Iyya kanasta’in’, You O Lord, the one that we worship and you O Lord the one that we love the most and everything that we do is all for you O Lord, not for our own self, not for the human, but we just reading it without understanding it. O Lord, forgive us for not asking and seeking help from you when we are in trouble, for all this while, we are seeking help from the human beings which are also your servants who have nothing to give.

O Lord, who has all the strength, The Most Powerful, who has all the wealth in this world, you are the most Loving and Caring, we forget that you are the greatest of everything in this world that can help us to resolve all our problems, you are The Best Listener, who always listen to what we are asking for, O Lord, The Source Of Peace, who always looking for us all the time whether we are in a good condition or bad condition.

O Lord, you are the best auditor and judge, we aware that death is true and very close, the day of judgment is very true and very close, the final ending whether we are going into hell or heaven is really true and becoming closer and closer ya Allah. We just realized that you can take away our life anytime, then we realized that we do not have much time to serve you Lord and to be good to everyone. O Lord, The Inspirer Of Faith, we realized that there is so little of our kindness to you and to other people that can allow us to go to your jannah, your heaven, but O Lord, we don’t think that we can be in your hell even 1 second or lesser that that.

O Lord, The Most Forgiving, give us a change please so that with this hidayah that you have given us, we can be a good servant of you, we can worship you and allow us to be a good husband, a good wife, a good worker, a good boss, a good subordinate, a good teacher, a good person in whatever we do O Lord. Forgive us O Lord, for all this while we were busy with our struggle to live, struggle to get power, struggle to get wealth without knowing we have an important duty to do and without realizing that the time is almost ending. O Lord, The Most Loving and Forgiving, forgive us because we didn’t know this, we are ignorance O Lord. Today, as you give us your hidayah, your guidance, please O Lord guide us, teach us, help us to be your servant, a good person, a good mother, a good father, a good son, to be honest in whatever we do, to be accountable in whatever we do, to be responsible in whatever we do, to respect each other, to be a good friend, to be a good boss, to be a good subordinate, to be a good teacher, to be a good student and to be a good citizen.

O Lord, the most caring, the most loving the most polite, the most forgiving, please give us a little bit of your caring, loving, politeness and forgiving, so that we can love and care each other, respect each other and we can always forgive each other.

O Lord,, the most strongest, who has the most strength, the most firm, the most patience, please give us a little bit of your strength and firm so that we are stronger in life to face all the challenges. Please ya Allah give a little bit of your patience so that we can be patient and thus we can control our self in anything we do.

O Lord, the most intelligent, please give us a little bit of your intelligence so that we can think of how to improve our self, our family, our school, our society and our nation.

O Lord, we now aware and realized that we are nobody, we were for all this while think that we own all that we have, but O Lord, after struggle for the all while, we just couldn’t find the happiness. Now, we realized that by remembering you, be closer to you O Lord, asking and depend on you, the greatest of the greatest, we can feel happy in this world and the hereafter.

O Lord, as a servant to You and have nothing, we are only depending on you to bring us the true happiness and give us the true meaning of life. Help us, guide us and always be with us ya Allah.